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Business: Correspondence, web copy, blogs, policies and procedures, marketing letters, bios . . . whatever your business needs. . . .

Editing and Rewriting


Email now!

ESL: For anyone who struggles with or is uncomfortable writing in English. . . .

If you need something not listed here, drop me a line.  I can likely fill your writing needs.

Personal: Letters of complaint, cover letters, résumés, wording for form completion, books, and more. . . .

Web Design and Building

Can’t look at that document anymore? Need another pair of eyes?

Proofreading, Editing, and Rewriting:

From spelling errors to word choice, from grammar correction to reworking that troublesome sentence.

I will go through your document or manuscript with a fine-toothed red pen.

Web Sites: If your business doesn’t have one, you’re losing business. Don’t let that happen!  Every business should have at least a domain and basic site.   Let me help you get up and running!