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I have a BA degree in Communications with a concentration in writing.  I cannot remember a time when I didn't write.  I've written scripts, treatments, short stories, documentation for policies and procedures, documents for web businesses, and business correspondence.  I've edited everything from web pages to term papers to treatments and scripts that had been translated from French to English (to make sure they flowed well in English).  I've even proofread credits for films.

Being something of an amateur linguist, I've studied Spanish, French, Italian, and Hebrew formally, in addition to Linguistics.  I have also had classes in Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, Marketing & Advertising, Semantics, Mass Media, Communication Arts, and a number of television and film production courses.  I read as much as time permits on a broad range of topics.  This comes in handy when doing freelance work, as I never know what I will be writing about.  It also doesn't hurt my own writing, either.

I have more than 10 years' experience as an Executive Assistant, which also entailed a great deal of writing.  

In the early 90's, I learned to create web sites as a hobby, when the web was new and everything was experimental.  As all web sites were then, my early sites were written by hand-coding each and every command.  This background has proven handy for helping clients, since understanding the process at that level gives me a foundation upon which to build, and has been handy for assisting writing clients with their sites when needed.

As a freelancer I've helped a student who speaks English as a third language edit an important paper for school, written a bio for an international businessperson, explained the facts of a legal case in a coherent manner, and composed a letter of complaint to a mobile phone company.  I've worked on a book with a client who speaks six languages (sometimes in the same sentence), written web pages for real estate agents, and worded replies to forms for clients for whom English is a second language.  Naturally, I adapt my style and tone so it's appropriate to the subject matter, audience, purpose, and the requirements of my clients.  

In addition to writing for others on a freelance basis, several of my own writing projects are ongoing.  Foremost of these is a novel, which I plan on e-publishing in the future.

Pricing for my services is very dependent upon the type of project, difficulty, and scope of the project (and therefore the amount of time it will require).  For something like a letter, which is generally not going to exceed a certain length, I can charge a flat-fee. For something more open-ended, like a book, I have generally charged an hourly fee. Web sites are generally priced by the page, with extra charges for e-commerce and writing services.  I am open to negotiation with regards to individual projects and circumstances.

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